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Trigoniophthalmus ALternatus, Silvestri, 1904

This species was classifed as rare by Delaney and known only from Berry Head, Devon in the UK. However Chris Proctor has discovered that this species may be fairly well distributed in South Devon, and, whilst rarely abundant, can be found quite easily in caves during the winter.
It is one of the few species of Bristletail that can be readily identified in the field as it is the only species in the UK with two vertical, oval, slit-like ocelli, close together beneath the compound eyes.

Order Archeognatha, Family Machilidae , Genus Trigionophthalmus

Currently only known from South Devon, with scattered records from further afield.

Found in cave systems, and cave like microhabitats, and on the coast. Appears to show seasonal movements between coast and inland caves. More data required.

Very little known