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Family Machilidae

This family includes all the bristletail species that are likely to be found away from human habitation in the British Isles.

All British species from this family can easily be distinguished from the Lepismatidae by shape, as the Lepismatidae are flattened, whereas the Machilidae typically have more humped and rounded body shapes. Additionaly the Machilidae have large, compound eyes, which meet in the middle, and ocelli are present (though not always obvious). The shape of the ocelli are the best way of determining the family that the species belongs to.

In the UK the family contains the following lower taxa

GenusLatin NameSynonymsEnglish Name
Dilta Dilta Saxicola, Womersley, 1930
Dilta Dilta Littoralis,W omersley, 1930
Dilta Dilta hibernica, Carpenter, 1907
Dilta Dilta Chateri, Bach, Mendes, Gaju and Molero, 1995 Chater's Bristletail
Trigoniophthalmus Trigoniophthalmus Alternatus, Silvestri, 1904 t. britannicus , t. interupptus
Petrobius Petrobius maritimus, Leach, 1809 petromachilis longicornis, reilly, 1915 Sea Bristletail
Petrobius Petrobius brevistylus,Carpenter, 1913