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Lepisma Saccharina, Linnaeus, 1758

The Silverfish

In the British Isles, this species is only normally found inside buildings, and is probably the most frequently encountered bristletail. It looks very similar to the Firebrat Thermobia Domestica, which is also found in buildings, but the Silverfish can be differentiated by the hairs on its surface, which are widely distributed, rather than localised to the edges of its tergites, and by its antennae length, not more than two thirds of its body length.
It feeds on starch, and it is often considered a pest, when encountered in larders and bookshelves.

Order Archeognatha, Family Lepismatidae , Genus Lepisma

Widely distributed throughout the British Isles, but strongly tied to human habitation

In the British Isles this species is usually found inside houses. It requires a degree of dampness in its environment.

Known to feed on carbohydrates and dead animal and vegetable matter.