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Family Machilidae

Genus Dilta

A genus of bristletail comprising several species, often associated with heathland

The genus is fairly easily seperated from other members of the Machilidae as its species have small ocelli, which are located at the outer corner of each compound eye. In addition the compound eyes are slightly smaller and more square in shape than the larger and rounder eyes of the Petrobius and Trigoniophtalmus species, and the antennae of dilta species are much shorter. (Though note that the antennae of the other genera often break and can appear short).

Identifying individual animals to species level within the genus is trickier, Delaney using labial spines in the males, and sexual characters to split hibernica females from littoralis/saxicola, but did not offer a method of distinguishing the latter.

The genus has the following species:-

Latin NameEnglish Name
Dilta Saxicola, Womersley, 1930
Dilta Littoralis, Womersley, 1930
Dilta hibernica, Carpenter, 1907
Dilta Chateri, Bach, Mendes, Gaju and Molero, 1995 Chater's Bristletail