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Dilta Chateri, Bach, Mendes, Gaju and Molero, 1995

Chater's Bristletail

This species was described as recently as 1995. Arthur Chater of the Dyfed Invertebrate group had noticed that many of the Dilta species he found did not fit very well with the Delaney Key. He sent a specimen off to Portugal where it was determined to be a new species, and described as such by Bach, Mendes, Gaju and Molero.
The males of this species have few spines on the second segment of the labial palp, seperating them from all other Dilta species known to be in our area.

Order Archeognatha, Family Machilidae , Genus Dilta

So far known only from Wales, where it is, at least in some areas, the most widespread Dilta species , though it is never common or abundant.

On coastal grass and heathland and in deciduous woodland, especially sessile oakwoods on dry slopes where leaf litter has built up (Arthur Chater, Dyfed Invertebrate Group Newsletter 22).

Very little known